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Frequently Asked Questions


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Recently, I came across an article on MSNBC about choosing a veterinarian. It included several questions that you should ask in choosing a vet in order to ensure that your pet receives the best care. In an effort to help our clients and others decide whether Greenbrook Companion Animal Hospital is right for them and their pets, we have answered the questions posed on that site. The full article can be found on the MSNBC site. It is called Turn to the ‘Vet’ to Protect Your Pet. You can also click on the title to link to that page.


What areas do you serve?

Greenbrook Companion Animal Hospital is located in Southaven, MS on the corner of Swinnea and Stateline. Our customers are primarily from Southaven and the surrounding areas including Olive Branch, Hernando, Horn Lake, and Memphis, TN.

How do you handle overnight care for your patients? 

We do not have an overnight employee at the hospital. If a patient needs continual monitoring or requires overnight care due to a serious condition, we refer those patients to an overnight facility.


Do you have equipment to measure patients’ blood pressure? 

Yes. We use a Cardell 9402 non-invasive blood pressure monitoring system which includes pulse oximetry and heart rate monitoring.


Do you have equipment to measure patients’ red blood cell levels, such as a PCV centrifuge? 

Yes. We use the Idexx VetLab suite. This includes the Idexx Vet Lab Station, the LaserCyte Hematology Analyzer. We also use the Abaxis VS2 Blood Chemistry Analyzer

Do you have equipment to measure patients’ oxygen levels, such as a pulse oximeter? 

Yes. We use a Cardell 9402 non-invasive blood pressure monitoring system which includes pulse oximetry and heart rate monitoring.


Do you use an automatic processor to develop X-rays? 

Yes. We have an Innovet Select X-Ray system with an automatic processor. We also use the IMAGE-VET 70 Plus digital Veterinary Dental Intraoral X-Ray System for dental X-Rays.


Do you refer critical patients to an advanced care facility? If so, which one?

If so, which one? Absolutely. Dr. McCain is a general practitioner which means that he is qualified to handle many of the patients that are seen in the office. However, for more critical cases we refer to Memphis Veterinary Specialists.  MVS  has board certified specialists in a wide variety of areas in small animal veterinary medicine. They are a referral only facility.


Do you refer patients to specialists for major surgery or advanced diagnostic procedures such as ultrasound? 

Again, absolutely. While Dr. McCain can perform evaluations and tests on your pet, if your pet’s particular situation requires additional diagnostic procedures or complicated surgery, Dr. McCain will refer you to a specialist that is more qualified to handle your pet’s particular illness or injury. Greenbrook Companion Animal Hospital has relationships with many specialists in the Memphis area and will refer your pet to the most appropriate specialist for care.


Do you refer patients who have conditions that are difficult to diagnose or treat to specialists for a second opinion? 

Again, absolutely. In addition, should you desire a second opinion, we will be happy to refer you to an appropriate specialist, or call in a referral to the specialist of your choice. We will gladly provide the specialist with your pet’s records and answer any questions they may have in order to help them properly diagnose your pet. We strongly believe that a second opinion is important when considering advanced care for your pet.


What types of modern gas anesthetics are used at the practice? 

We use isoflurane gas. This gas provides a high degree of safety with low toxicity. In addition, by using isoflurane gas, your pet is able to wake up very rapidly after surgery. The use of gas also allows us to increase and decrease the gas levels as needed which is safer for your pet than injectable anesthesia.


Do patients have an intravenous catheter placed prior to anesthetic procedures? 

In most cases, yes. On certain elective procedures where the animal is young and healthy, the owner can request that we do not place a catheter.


Are patients intubated during anesthesia? 

Yes. This is a safe and effective system for delivery of anesthetic gases which allows us to precisely control the amount of anesthetic gas and oxygen during surgery.


What kind of monitoring equipment is used for patients under anesthesia? 

We use a Cardell 9402 non-invasive blood pressure monitoring system which includes pulse oximetry and heart rate monitoring. We also monitor the patient’s temperature and a technician visually monitors the patient’s mucous membrane color, capillary refill time, and character of respiration.


Is a pulse oximeter attached to each patient to monitor oxygen levels? 

Yes. We use a Cardell 9402 non-invasive blood pressure monitoring system.


Is the equipment used during every anesthetic procedure, or only for certain patients? 

Yes, patients are monitored on every anesthetic procedure. This is not optional and there is no additional charge for monitoring.


Who is monitoring the patient during anesthesia? Is there a veterinary technician assisting with anesthesia, or is the veterinarian alone with the patient while performing surgery? 

At Greenbrook Companion Animal Hospital, we believe that your patient’s safety is the utmost importance. As such, we have a veterinary technician assisting during every surgery. We have two qualified veterinary technicians on staff at Greenbrook Companion Animal Hospital.


If the state requires licensing of technicians: Do you use only licensed technicians? 

Mississippi does not require licensing of technicians.


If the state does not require technicians to be licensed: Do you have any licensed technicians on staff? 

We do not currently have any licensed technicians on staff.  Kevin is currently training for certification.


What is the level of training and experience level of any unlicensed technicians? 

All of our veterinarian technicians must have formal training and previous experience as a veterinary technician. Our Staff page provides more information on the qualifications of our technicians.


Is your hospital AAHA certified? 

No. However, we maintain extremely high standards for top quality care of your pets. For example, we have an on-site X-Ray and laboratory to quickly and accurately diagnose your pet. We maintain current protocols in anesthesia, pain management, dentistry, surgery and contagious diseases. We maintain an on-site pharmacy, and all of our medical records are electronically maintained, thorough, and complete to allow us, and any assisting veterinarian, to fully understand your pet’s health history. We are more than happy to provide you with a tour of our facilities to ensure that you are satisfied as to the quality of care your pet will receive at Greenbrook Companion Animal Hospital.